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CMSI is our game-changing medicine interview course, getting students into the world’s top medical schools every year.

Now in its third year, our programme is a rigorous, one-day course, designed with the guidance of both doctors and official medicine interview panelists, and run by students at Imperial College London, University College London (UCL) , Cambridge and Brighton and Sussex Medical Schools. It covers in depth, the knowledge and skills required for students to perform excellently at interview and secure a place at medical school. We will address both Multiple-Mini, and Traditional Panel-Based Interviews including the new MMI format introduced at the University of East Anglia in 2016.

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The No.1 Interview Course

Collectively, our team of tutors have attended almost every single medicine interview course on the market; our own course, was designed to surpass each and every one of them in getting students into medicine. We’ve created a game-changing Medicine Interview Course, combining small-group sizes, full mock panel and MMI interviews for each attendee, and a tailored approach, all at a low-price.

Outstanding Results

Our students have gone on to obtain offers from Cambridge, Imperial, King’s College London and many other world class institutions. 100% of students recommended the course. The lowest overall rating our course has ever been given is four out of five stars. The figures speak for themselves.

Small Group Sizes

In order to maximise your learning experience, we promise groups with no more than 20 students. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate feedback. Our students benefit from much valued contact with the tutors on a more individual scale.

The No.1 Interview Instructors

Our course instructors are a dedicated and diverse group of medical students, who have not only succeeded at some of the most notorious medical school interviews out there but many had also been invited by admissions tutors to apply for exclusive scholarships on the basis of their “outstanding performance” at interview. We have thousands of hours of teaching experience between us.

Constantly Advancing

We refresh our content every year to take into account any subtle changes to interview style or format. Our youngest instructors also contribute the most recent, first-hand experience of being interviewed for medicine, contrasting us from any other course out there.

Tailored to YOU

Unlike other courses on the market, we do not believe in a cookie cutter approach; instead, we aim to identify your particular concerns, through our extensive pre-course questionnaire. We then tailor the course to suit the needs of each group. We focus on the areas that YOU are struggling with, in order to strengthen your weaknesses.

The Ultimate Course Guide

We’ve spent over two entire summers creating a detailed course-guide, packed full of invaluable material to complement the course (as well as the actual course content so that you don’t have to be taking notes frantically throughout the day). It contains over 333 real-life interview questions from different medical schools, tips and advice from dozens of medics, and so much more. Our students have told us, it’s been invaluable their preparation.

Ethics & NHS Hot Topics

These are two aspects of the interview that 95% of our students struggled with before the course. As NHS hot topics change every admission cycle, it’s pretty much impossible to properly prepare for them using only guide books. Luckily, our tutors have spent countless hours researching and condensing the information into bite sized chunks that cover everything you need to know. We’ve also formulated a fool proof 3- step approach to answering any ethics-based question, like a pro.

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“How to Talk The Talk” –  Part I

We will work through structuring and answering the commonly asked questions including everyone’s dreaded “Why medicine?”. Here we will also teach you to pick apart your personal statement so you can handle any question they can throw at you.

  • How to Structure Your Answers
  • Motivation to Study Medicine
  • Knowledge of the Medical Profession
  • Knowledge of the Medical Schools
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Personal Insight, Empathy & Resilience
  • Further reading & Scientific Curiosity
  • Personal Statement Specific Questions

“How to Talk The Talk” –  Part II

This part will focus on the two harder aspects of interview ethics and NHS hot topics. You will be taught to use MedICU’s unique strategy to approaching even the most difficult ethical scenario.


  • NHS Structure
  • Current NHS Issues
  • Principles of Medical Ethics
  • Practice Ethical Scenarios
  • Buzzwords to Impress

Walking the Walk & Mock Interviews

Half the interview is based on how you carry yourself. We will cover everything from the minute you walk in to how to stop fidgeting. We will then put everything together by giving you a personalised mock interview with a panel tailored to your application.

  • Common MMI Stations
  • Group Discussions & Tasks
  • How to Overcome Anxiety
  • Developing a Winning Mentality
  • Body Language, Voice & Dress-Code
  • Full MMI Rotations & Feedback
  • Full Panel Interview & Feedback
  • Q&A Session with Tutors

Meet Your Lead Tutors

Ilhan SaidMedical Student at Imperial
Wishvan RavindranMedical Student at Imperial
Nora AbdounMedical Student at Imperial
Manahal MateenMedical Student at BSMS
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  • ““I found this course amazing! It was really useful as it went through everything

    – both the content and a mock, and also MMI stationswhich is what I was struggling with the most. They also asked us personalised questions specific to our personal statements which gave a realistic insight into the interview. It really helped me with my confidence. The small group size (3 students) was particularly great as the instructors could give us 1:1 help and made us get involved. Also the chocolate!!”

  • “I have not regretted the booking of this course one bit…

    the excellent and friendly teaching really gave me a realistic view on a medicine interview. Thank you so much!!”

  • “The guide is extremely useful for follow up preparation.”

    “It was informative and detailed. The guide is extremely useful for follow up preparation. The tutors were very friendly and provided excellent feedback.”

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  • 13TH JANUARY 2017 *Interactive Lecture*

  • 14TH JANUARY 2017 LONDON *Pure Practice*

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