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Did you receive any offers? Do you think the course helped you to receive these? 

I received offers from Kings and Imperial – the course definitely helped me with them!

How prepared did you feel about your interviews before the course? How did this change once you had attended? 

I’d already had an interview at Cardiff before the course, so I did have some experience with the interview process (prepared with interview books and a different course). But I really didn’t feel confident with my answers and wanted constructive feedback so I could improve as much as possible. I also did not know much about the format of MMIs – I knew roughly what they were but had no idea how to prepare for them as I had no previous experience of them. I learnt so many tips on tackling MMI questions at the course, and without them I really don’t think I would have done well at my Kings interview! After the course I felt much more confident and definitely more prepared. 

What was the most useful aspect of the course? 

There were so many useful aspects, especially the 1:1 mock interview. What was unique about this course was that we had to fill in a form with our medical school choices, personal statement and how prepared we felt prior to the course so when it came to the mock interview the instructors had already analysed my personal statement and prepared questions on it! I received personal statement specific advice on how to improve the content and structure of my answers, and it boosted my confidence. The very small group sizes meant that you could ask the course instructors questions at any point, and also that the instructors could ask you interview style questions throughout which really made you think on the spot like you would have to at the interview. The course handbooks were very detailed and went through a lot of topics – it had further practice questions with MMI scenarios and calculations which meant I could keep practicing at home with different questions. The current affairs section covered many NHS hot topics (e.g. Junior doctor strikes) with the arguments for and against which was really useful, particularly as you would not find them in an interview book! Also, the chocolate was great to keep us going! 

Have you attended any other interview preparation courses? How useful was MedICU’s course in comparison to these? 

I attended a course before my Cardiff interview before this one, but this one was definitely more useful! This had much much smaller group sizes (there were 2 other students in my group, but around 30 in the other course), we were asked questions throughout the course followed by a mock interview towards the end so it was really intensive (in the other course you had to pay extra for a mock interview organized on a separate day, even though it was already double the price of this course!). They covered everything the other course went through, and much more in so much more detail! The course instructors were much more encouraging, supportive and truly willing to help, and unlike the other course these instructors were first year medics and so had just been through the application process. What did you think of the course instructors and how supportive were the instructors after the course? 

The course instructors were amazing! Throughout the course they gave specific feedback and were very encouraging, and afterwards they were really supportive giving medical school specific advice and tips! As they were first year medics they could give the most up to date interview advice as they had just been through the application process and were either students at or had had interviews at the medical schools I had applied to. 

Would you recommend the course to a prospective medical student? 

Definitely worth attending!!